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Hurtado & Associates is committed to meeting the needs of power distribution, generation, and co-generation companies now and into the future. Our thirty years of industry experience have given us the technical experience to design an insurance product that is comprehensive in coverage and competitively priced. Our dedicated loss control/risk management program and our dedicated claims unit enable H&A to provide exceptional service to the power distribution, generation and co-generation industry.

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For most Americans, electricity is an unseen yet vital force that we take completely for granted until an ice storm leaves us shivering in the dark or an August heat wave shuts down the local power grid. The people who design, build, maintain, and repair power generating facilities, however, take nothing for granted as they work to keep electricity flowing to our homes, stores, offices, schools, hospitals, and factories.

And if you think generating and distributing electricity is challenging, consider the complexity of arranging insurance coverage for the myriad of exposures faced by these facilities. Read more...