Loss Control Risk Management

One of the primary components of Hurtado & Associates, Inc. is our commitment to the reduction and management of all property and casualty losses.

It is our goal to provide loss control and risk management services for the power distribution industry in order to eliminate or reduce the impact of losses and to minimize the potential for future loss.

R. Bruce Wright
Synebar Solutions, LLC

Synebar Solutions, LLC

Management Consultants Specializing in Occupational Safety & Health, Error Free Performance, and Human Resources

Hurtado & Associates, Inc. teams up with Synebar Solutions for loss control risk management.

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Synebar Solutions is dedicated to providing management consulting services and underwriting support services that add value to specialty insurance programs. We also provide occupational safety & health and human resources consulting services.

Synebar Solutions’ Mission is to: 

  • Provide clients with factual, objective risk information which will enable them to select, price and retain quality business for the attainment of their companies’ growth and profit objectives.
  • Assist our clients in attracting and retaining quality, profitable business by providing loss control services to their insureds that the insureds will recognize as valuable.
  • Provide insured businesses with information, resources, guidance and counsel that will assist them in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from attaining their own objectives for efficiency of operations, conservation of manpower, reduction of waste, and control of insurance costs.

About Bruce Wright

Bruce is a defector from the major “corporate” environment, having spent over two decades in commercial insurance working in claims, sales, and service management roles with a major insurer and an international brokerage before joining Synebar Solutions. His first work with utilities was as a laborer for PSE&G, and he first encountered RECs as a member of  Lorain-Medina REC in Ohio. Shortly thereafter, he was managing claims for over 500 RECs for Nationwide Insurance. He joined Synebar Solutions in 1998 and now provides safety and loss prevention support to members of the Hurtado & Associates Power Program. He grew up in a utility household and has worked with electrical distribution systems and G&Ts in a variety of roles since 1979.

loss control risk management

Claims Management

Hurtado & Associates, Inc. has quarterly claims and litigation meetings to review all claims in excess of $25,000.

We have a dedicated legal council to review and assist in the management and litigation of all potential catastrophe losses, regardless of liability.

Our goal is to provide exceptional claims management and oversight. By doing so, we provide an enhanced knowledge base for each of our clients.

Dedicated Claims Facility

Unlike many insurance carriers, the HA/Zurich Power Distribution Insurance Program has developed and implemented a dedicated claims facility.

When a loss occurs, our clients will have the opportunity to talk to qualified adjusters that are dedicated to this program.

Assigning dedicated adjusters to this program enables both the adjuster and cooperative management to build a positive long term working relationship.

Each adjuster has been trained to communicate openly and often with each of our insureds regarding the status of open claims and when to advise our clients when a major claim is closed.

loss control risk management
loss control risk management

When Losses Occur

At Hurtado & Associates Inc., we are committed to:

• Maintain designated loss control professionals to service our customers on site on an annual basis.
• Provide ongoing facility specific training for an efficient loss control/risk management program.
• Conduct regional seminars that address the needs of our customers and the power distribution industry.
• Utilize the internet to provide our customers with timely loss control/risk management information in quarterly risk management newsletters.

Hurtado & Associates, Inc. works with dedicated facilities to analyze large losses in order to determine their cause(s) and provide the insured with advice on how to minimize and/or eliminate such losses from occurring in the future.

We publish, as necessary, special bulletins that address particular frequency and severity issues by providing loss elimination and/or reduction possibilities and solutions.

Hurtado & Associates, Inc. is a proud sponsor and participant in the certified loss control management program sponsored by the NRECA and is accessed through the University of Wisconsin.

We invite you to learn more about our dynamic and comprehensive program.

Our hope is that we will be able to serve your insurance needs in the future.